Les Urbaines

Fête de la danse / Tanzfest

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Museum Performance Mcba 2015

Art Directon and Photography 2015

Video 2013-2015

Instant Win

Lukas Beyeler for Kunt

Everyone Wants Me It's My biggest downfall

Museum Exhibition Mcba 2014

Art Directon and Photography 2013-2015

Video 2012

Miss Sapporo 2012

The War Is Over

Lukas Beyeler for Bernhard Willhelm

Video 2o11

Video 2o11

Lookbook Men's collection S/S 2012

Mainstream Fever

The Meat Serie

Gals Panic

Video 2o11

Videos 2o1o

Video 2o1o

Puzzle Quizz, Electrical Parade

The Hustler's Crib


Video 2o1o

Scale model 2oo8

Video 2oo8

Heidi Oh- !

Gita-o-hiku, Rhythm Battle

Versailles no bara

Video 2oo6

Video installation 2oo5

Video 2oo5

Empty Dreams

Hit Machine

Tapis Vert

Installation 2oo4

Video 2oo3

Installation 2oo3

Tätowierte Orangen


Nugase ! Panik Mahjong

Installation 2oo3

Hand-screened prints on fabric 2oo3

Videos 2oo3


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